Summer Cleaning Is Hot, Hot, Hot!

Summer Cleaning Is Hot, Hot, Hot!

If you’ve experienced our quick dry times in the winter you’ll really be amazed during the hot summer months. To say, it’s hot is an understatement.

The blistery sun beating down, warming up the outside air until it’s 100 degrees in the shade can bring about some sticky situations. Tar on streets, gum on side walks and all the icky-sticky, ooey-gooey plain ole’ nasty slimy grime just oozes its way onto your carpet and tile floors.

Nobody ever seems to know how it got there…it just magically appeared.

But that’s where our ultra hot cleaning machine comes in.

It’s designed to remove those terrible substances with ease. Even on the hottest of days.

Best of all, the carpet and tile is left spotless and almost dry by the time we leave. Yep, that tar and gum and other weird mystery stuff is gone and your floor coverings are ready to walk on again. Hot news, right?

Give us a call and give those floors the hot treatment from “You’re the Boss”

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