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Cleaning Ceramic Tile Flooring

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Let us relieve you of one of the more unpleasant maintenance chores in your home! Spare your toothbrushes and knees by letting us brighten your ceramic tile and grout! We will restore the natural beauty of your floors quickly and economically using a specially developed tile and grout cleaning solution and state-of-the-art cleaning equipment.

At You’re the Boss, we extend the following grout and tile cleaning services to ensure that your home’s interior looks its best:

  • Cleaning Marble Tile Floors
  • Cleaning Saltillo Tile
  • Cleaning Sealed Mexican Tile
  • Cleaning Grout Ceramic Tile Floors
  • Cleaning Decorative Tile
  • Cleaning Brick Floors
  • Cleaning Spanish Tile Floors

We help you protect your investment in your flooring by utilizing the newest ceramic tile flooring cleaning technology. Our professional cleaning process restores your tile and grout to 85 to 90% of its original appearance!

Our Process

Regular mopping just doesn’t erase that stubborn dirt and grime that stains your grout and tile! By utilizing heat, water pressure, and suction, we are able to remove many of the impurities that cause tile and grout discoloration. At You’re the Boss, we follow a multi-part process to get your home’s hard surfaces shining like new:

Pre-Treatment: We apply an alkaline solution to your floors to loosen unwanted sediment and prepare the surface for deep cleaning. If necessary, we utilize a safe, mild acid to remove stains that did not come out with the alkaline cleaning solution.

Turbo-Pressure Washing: Using a high-pressure washing system, we will draw dirt and stains out of your tile and grout—restoring them to their original shine.

Sealing: We cover your tile flooring with a protective sealant that creates a barrier against future staining. In addition, if your grout has been permanently dyed by stains, we provide color sealing and will recolor your grout with a pigmented seal!

Cleaning marble tile floors, ceramic tile bathroom floors, and grout requires experience, proper equipment, and know-how. At You’re the Boss, we have all three! Trust our capable professionals to make your hard surfaces shine like new again!

Whether you require Saltillo tile cleaning or you need maintenance for your newly pressure-washed bathroom floor, we provide high level quality decorative tile cleaning. With You’re the Boss, you can trust that your tile and grout is in the right hands!  Contact us for all of your residential and commercial tile cleaning needs.

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