Stone Cleaning & Polishing

Stone Cleaning & Polishing

Stone floor cleaning Albuquerque NM

Proper care of your stone floors prevents damage and keeps them looking beautiful for years to come. At You’re the Boss, we provide many stone floor cleaning services, including stone cleaning, stone polishing, and stone resurfacing. Whether you have marble, sandstone, slate, or travertine floors, our professional team at You’re the Boss can restore the beauty and strength of your stone flooring.

Cleaning Interior Marble Stone

Regular cleaning and polishing of marble floors can prevent damage and keep the marble looking beautiful—just like new. Marble floors require special cleaning to ensure that the surface of the stone remains smooth and stain-free. At You’re the Boss, we apply protective stone sealers to prevent stains from penetrating the surface of the marble. In addition, we resurface marble floors to give them a hard, smooth surface that resists stains.

Trust the Professionals!

Improper stone cleaning can ruin the surface of your stone floors! At You’re the Boss, we understand the properties of stone and what types of cleaning solutions and processes will best draw out their beauty. We provide stone polishing through the use of powder polishes, diamond abrasives, and machine scrubbing to buff your stone floor until it regains its original brilliance. Don’t trust your natural stone floor to just anybody: depend on You’re the Boss to restore your stone flooring and help you protect it for years to come! Contact You’re the Boss for professional stone cleaning!

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