Bathroom Tile Cleaning

Cleaning Bathroom Tile

We all hate to do it: scrubbing the horizontal and vertical lines of grout that decorate our bathroom’s hard surfaces. But we know that if we don’t do it, the grout lines will continue to darken and the brilliance of our bathroom tile will fade and diminish.

Never fear! At You’re the Boss, we provide professional bathroom tile cleaning that will restore your bathroom’s hard surfaces to their original shine! By utilizing turbo-pressure washing and covering your tile with your choice of protective sealants, we guarantee that your tile surfaces will sparkle. In addition to shining up your bathroom’s surfaces, we go one step further: we apply a protective sealer to your glass surfaces and faucets to keep water spots from building up and dulling your bathroom’s finish.

Cleaning Shower Tile

Shower tile gets covered in soap scum and bodily oils from regular use, becoming a feeding ground for bacteria and a haven for mold. Without regular cleaning of shower tile, you decrease the longevity of your bathroom tile—not to mention you risk threatening your family’s health. At You’re the Boss, we clean and restore your shower tile using the most advanced cleaning system technology in the industry. Trust our experienced professionals to bring back your bathroom’s shine!

Our bathroom tile cleaning process will not only eliminate harboring bacteria, it will extend the life of your grout and tile. By providing ceramic tile and grout cleaning and whitening, You’re the Boss ensures that maintaining beautiful tile surfaces and cleaning spots off of floor tile will be a breeze! Contact You’re the Boss for experienced, professional bathroom tile cleaning!

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