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As professional carpet cleaners, we never cease on our quest for the knowledge and skills that will better help us steam clean your carpets; we attend conferences, trade shows, and receive continual training so that we can go the extra mile for you!

You’re the Boss believes in the highest degree of professionalism and expertise. That is why we hold a current international carpet cleaning certification with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC #112731).

Cleaning Berber Carpets

Berber carpets are a style of carpet created by big and small loops of nylon, olefin, or wool fibers. Homeowners often gravitate towards Berber carpets because they provide comfortable cushioning for the feet, offer cozy insulation, and are less expensive than thicker plush carpeting.

Cleaning Berber carpets can be difficult because dirt and debris can become lodged in between the fibers. Improper cleaning of Berber carpets can cause significant pH burns and will result in yellow and brown stains that are impossible to remove if not quickly treated by a professional carpet cleaner. Don’t trust your beautiful Berber carpet to a novice; trust You’re the Boss to handle your Berber carpet cleaning needs!

Cleaning Wool Carpet Stains

Wool carpets are beautiful, luxurious, and very durable. However, cleaning wool carpet stains can be intimidating, since wool carpets can be permanently damaged by an improper or delayed cleaning method. In general, use the following care tips to clean stains on your wool carpet:

  • Blot liquids with a clean white towel
  • Scoop up solids with a knife or spoon
  • Apply a spot removal agent (the type depends on the kind of spill) to the towel—not directly to the carpet
  • Work inwards from the edge of the stain to prevent spreading
  • Do not rub as this may grind the stain into the fibers of the carpet or distort the pile on your carpet
  • Do not over-wet the carpet
  • Blot dry with a clean towel

At You’re the Boss, we have all the necessary training and experience to professionally clean your wool carpets!

Don’t trust just any old carpet cleaning company with a van to clean your carpets! At You’re the Boss, our carpet cleaning certifications, extensive training, and 19 years of experience make us a cut above the rest! Contact us and we will professionally clean your interior surfaces with the care and attention they deserve! From residential to commercial carpet cleaning, you can trust You’re the Boss to get the job done right.

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Steam Cleaning Albuquerque NM

Berber, Cut Pile, Cut and Loop Pile Carpets

steam clean rug cleaning Albuquerque NM

At You’re the Boss, we are trained in all of the various carpet cleaning methods and we will utilize the cleaning method that best meets your carpet manufacturer’s requirements. We aren’t like other rug steam cleaning companies that use a “one-size-fits-all” cleaning method and approach cleaning your wool carpet the same way as steam cleaning your Berber carpet. We provide individualized attention to each and every carpet cleaning job, and we cater our services to what is best for your carpet’s longevity.

Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction (also called “warm water extraction” and “steam cleaning”), is the cleaning method recommended by many carpet manufacturers. This process consists of spraying a fine solution of water and detergent into the carpet and then vacuuming up the water and debris. Hot water extraction is the best “deep cleaning” method and sanitizes your carpet at the same time that it cleans! Our environmentally-friendly products and equipment leave no residue—which can leave unsightly spots—and our powerful vacuum unit suctions all of the water from your carpet, drastically reducing the drying time to 45 minutes to 1-hour!

Our Home Carpet Steam Cleaning System

Steam cleaning carpets requires reliable equipment with powerful vacuuming capabilities and very hot water. Our steam cleaning machine performs hot water extraction with 250°+ pure, softened water and is the largest vacuum system in the industry! We stay up-to-date on the latest carpet cleaning equipment and cleaning techniques and can answer any of your carpet cleaning questions. Our Albuquerque carpet cleaners use the best, most powerful in home carpet steam cleaning systems to professionally clean your carpets and return them to their original state!

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Quick Drying Carpet Cleaning

Nobody wants to wait hours for their carpet to dry so that they can resume their ordinary day-to-day activities and none of us want our wood furniture to be damaged by a flood of carpet cleaning water. At You’re the Boss, we utilize quick-dry carpet steam cleaning and low-moisture fast-drying carpet cleaning so that your carpet cleaning procedure doesn’t have to be an ordeal, just a rewarding experience!

Our Steam Cleaning Dries Faster!

At You’re the Boss, our advanced steam cleaning technology gets your carpets drier faster than our competitors’ “dry” carpet cleaning methods. So if you are looking for a quick dry carpet cleaning company, you’ve come to the right place! Generally, carpets take 45 minutes to 1-hour to dry with our “wet” method. This is because we have super powerful equipment that removes all the water from your floor—ensuring that your carpet fibers aren’t damaged by excess moisture.

We Protect Your Carpet as We Clean It!

Once we’ve gotten the soap residue out, we can apply your carpet’s factory stain guard. This protective layer coats the fibers of your carpet and keeps it more resistant to future stains and spills. Our factory-grade stain guard will extend the life of your carpet—keeping it beautiful for many years to come!

At You’re the Boss, we perform high-quality, fast-drying carpet cleaning. For experienced and knowledgeable carpet cleaning professionals, contact You’re the Boss!

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