At You’re the Boss, we are dedicated to extending the life of your carpets and floors! Offering a wide range of professional carpet cleaning services, we pay attention to detail and ensure that your interior surfaces recapture their original beauty!

At You’re the Boss, we provide the following home interior cleaning services:

  • Albuquerque Carpet Cleaning: We clean carpets according to the carpet manufacturer’s specifications. Mainly, we use hot water extraction to extend the life of your carpets—though we are trained in all carpet cleaning methods and will use the method that best fulfills your carpet’s warranty requirements.
  • Steam Cleaning: Steam cleaning carpets requires reliable equipment with powerful vacuuming capabilities and very hot water. Our steam cleaning machine performs hot water extraction with 250°+ pure, softened water and is the largest vacuum system in the industry!
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning: At You’re the Boss, we pressure-wash your tile and grout in a multi-step process that enhances the luster or your tile and restores your grout to its natural color. By adding protective sealants, we will help you maintain the beauty of your Saltillo tile, brick, and tile and grout floor!
  • Stone Floor Cleaning & Polishing: By utilizing our high-quality natural cleaners and stone-safe products, we will restore the beauty of your natural stone surfaces!
  • Bathroom & Shower Tile Cleaning: We utilize a specially developed tile and grout cleaning solution to cleanse and sanitize your bathroom surfaces—adding sparkle and shine to your room and extending the life of your tile and grout!
  • Pet Stains/Odor Removal: Let us help you remove unsightly pet stains and neutralize those pesky pet odors. Utilizing new topical solutions and treatments, we can help you eliminate the unpleasant effects of pet ownership.
  • Green Cleaning: You’re the Boss has a soft spot for the environment! That is why we use environmentally-safe products and equipment and clean your surfaces with refined, conditioned water that leaves no residue!

Utilizing state-of-the-art cleaning system technology, we can get your floors drier with our “wet” cleaning process than our competitors can with their “dry” process! At You’re the Boss, we provide no-residue cleaning that will protect your investment in your home’s appearance! Let your bathroom tile sparkle like new again and your living room carpet regain its soft, springy texture and rich color!

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