Ask For The Big Truck

Ask For The Big Truck

Hi, Ron here from “You’re the Boss Carpet & Tile Cleaning” and one thing that impresses people is our big truck. Okay, maybe not. But it’s the technology in our truck that gets your carpet and tile really clean.

Most cleaners use small portable equipment or so called “truck mounts” that slide into their vans. I decided long ago to invest in the best and that meant making sure that the equipment we use to clean your hard and soft surfaces was the most powerful.

I know it sounds like I’m bragging, but in reality, I just want you to know the level of commitment that I put into every cleaning. I’ve invested a great deal in this truck and the incredible equipment inside it. I would never settle for using subpar materials, why should you?

Maybe you’ve hired other carpet cleaners in the past who left your carpets wet for days or just didn’t get the tile as clean as you had hoped. Well, because of the fantastic power of my mobile cleaning system, the carpets are typically dry in less than 30 minutes and your tile will sparkle like the day it was installed.

Yes, fast times. In fact, we have been known to get carpets drier than some of the “dry cleaners” in the area. Now thats fast. It’s all due to the big truck. Well, and some sweat equity on our part.

If you’re in the Albuquerque area and you need your carpet and tile cleaned give us call and ask for the big truck experience.

You're the Boss Carpet and Tile Cleaning Albuquerque NM

You’re the Boss Cleaning Truck Albuquerque NM

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