Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

Environmentally Friendly Cleaners

Our earth is precious to us and we should do our part to ensure that we minimize the damage we cause to the environment. At You’re the Boss, we try to be environmentally friendly cleaners—always utilizing the greenest carpet cleaning methods and the most environmentally friendly cleaning products available to us.

Eco-Friendly Truck-Mounted Cleaning System

Portable cleaning systems have the unfortunate disadvantage of re-circulating dirty air and humidity around your house. Our environmentally friendly carpeting cleaning system is mounted on our truck so the exhaust vents outside rather than in your home environment. In addition, our powerful truck-mounted system will get your carpets cleaner and drier than any traditional, portable cleaner!

Environmentally friendly cleaning products

At You’re the Boss, we are conscious of our impact on the environment and choose carpet cleaning products that are environmentally-safe. All of our standard residential carpet cleaning products, sealers, and carpet protectors are safe for the environment as well as safe for use around pets and children.

At You’re the Boss, we understand the ramifications of utilizing unsafe, harsh chemicals in your household. That is why we are dedicated to removing your carpet and floor stains and discolorations with high-quality, safe cleaners that will not compromise your health or the health of your loved ones.

Trust the Professionals!

For environmentally-safe carpet cleaning that minimizes damage to the environment, trust our experienced professionals! At your request, we will gladly provide you with safety information about any of the products we use in your home! Contact You’re the Boss today!

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