4 Tips To Keep Your Office Carpet Clean

4 Tips To Keep Your Office Carpet Clean

Maintaining a clean carpet appearance isn’t always easy especially in your place of business. Customers and employees tracking in mud, grime, grease and dirt take its toll on the carpet and can give the impression that your office, firm or facility doesn’t care about cleanliness.

Here’s 4 easy to follow tips that will keep those carpets looking clean and showing clients you care.

1) Vacuum – this is simplest way to keep the dirt at bay. Regular vacuuming extends the life and beauty of your soft floor coverings and removes all the loose particles on a scheduled basis. For high traffic areas, vacuuming should be done on a daily basis.

2)Interim Maintenance – this step is used in high traffic areas to keep carpets looking fresh and clean. This is a surface clean and is designed for appearance sake only.

3)Deep Cleaning – is the process of using hot water extraction (steam) for carpet cleaning. This process flushes out all the ground in mud, pollen, tar and dragged in “whatevers” that nobody seems to know how got there.

4)Spot Removal – this step requires you to address spills as they happen so spots don’t become permanent blemishes to your carpet.

From Albuquerque to Santa Fe businesses trust “You’re The Boss Carpet and Tile Cleaning” for their hard and soft floor cleaning needs. If you would like to receive a cleaning quote give us a call at (505)620-4682 today. Or, if you have a spot and spill help, you can schedule us to come out or we can try to walk you through the removal process over the phone.

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