Imagine Cleaner Carpets
That Dry In Half The Time

The professionalism of a business or warm atmosphere of a home can be ruined by dirty or stained tile, grout, and carpeting. Our highly trained Albuquerque floor cleaning specialists want to help you revitalize your home or business with our experienced tile and carpet cleaners.

Albuquerque Carpet Cleaning Services

When it comes to your Albuquerque carpet cleaning needs, You’re the Boss employs the best carpet cleaners available. Our specialists are trained and knowledgeable in the most advanced carpet cleaning techniques and use the most effective cleaning cleaning solutions to ensure that your carpets receive the deepest clean.

Our Albuquerque carpet cleaning services include deep steam cleaning (hot water extraction), quick dry cleaning, as well as odor and stain removal. Stop spending money on ineffective carpet  cleaning equipment that can’t touch deep stains or sprays that can only temporarily cover odors emanating from your carpet! Whether you need residential or commercial carpet cleaning, contact You’re the Boss for effective carpet cleaning services from the best carpet cleaners in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Tile And Grout Cleaning Albuquerque

At You’re the Boss, we specialize in restoring black, dirty tile and grout to its “just installed” look for businesses and homes in Albuquerque. Depending on the type of tile you’ve purchased, cleaning it can be a delicate process. Alkaline or safe acidic solutions can be used during the pre-treatment process, along with our turbo-pressure washing system, to assure stain removal. After the cleaning, we cover your tile floor with a protective sealant to help protect against future stains. Rather than sacrificing your own time and energy scrubbing away a Saturday afternoon, allow the professional at You’re the Boss to solve your residential or commercial tile and grout cleaning issues.


Carpet Cleaning

As professional carpet cleaners, we never cease on our quest for the knowledge and skills that will better help us steam clean your carpets . . .

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Tile Cleaning

Let us relieve you of one of the more unpleasant maintenance chores in your home! Spare your toothbrushes and knees by letting us brighten . . .

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Bathroom Tile Cleaning

We all hate to do it: scrubbing the horizontal and vertical lines of grout that decorate our bathroom’s hard surfaces. But we know that if . . .

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Stone Cleaning & Polishing

Proper care of your stone floors prevents damage and keeps them looking beautiful for years to come. At You’re the Boss, we provide . . .

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Pet Odor

All pet owners know that there’s no getting around pet odor: that undesirable funk that clings to the fibers of your carpets and permeates . . .

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Pet Stains

It’s a sorry sight: your beautiful, brand new wall-to-wall carpet has a yellow spot—courtesy of Fido. While there are methods for removing . . .

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Contact You’re the Boss for Every Floor Cleaning Project

At You’re the Boss, we care about the quality of your tile, grout, and carpet and the pleasing aesthetic it can create. To restore your residential or commercial flooring to its original state, contact Albuquerque’s best floor cleaning professionals. We have the experience, skills, and tools necessary for high quality tile, grout, and carpet cleaning.


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